UW Foundation Board


2019-2020 UW Foundation Board officers

Korynne Wright

Korynne Wright, chair

Patrick Crumb

Patrick Crumb, vice chair

Pete Shimer

Pete Shimer, immediate past chair

Ken Denman

Ken Denman, treasurer

Lisa Simonyi

Lisa Simonyi, secretary

Dan Peterson

Dan Peterson, uw foundation president

Julie Brown

Julie L. Brown, assistant treasurer

Louise Hine

Louise Hine, assistant secretary

UW Foundation Board Members

University of Washington Foundation directors are committed to increasing the level of private giving to the UW in both number of dollars and number of donors, and to enhancing understanding among the UW’s alumni and other friends of the need for private giving to support excellence in programs throughout the University of Washington.

UW Foundation Board Roster by Role

Kim Ackerley Cleworth
Tiffany Girouard
Wendy Barrington
Susan Bevan
Debbie Bingham
Susan Brotman
Julie L. Brown
Kent Carlson
Ana Mari Cauce
Chandan Chauhan
Sanjay Chheda
Ty Cramer
Patrick Crumb
Jody Cunningham
Ben Danielson
Alan Delsman
Neal Dempsey
Ken Denman
Mary Dunnam
Mike Egan
Larry Estrada
Daniel J. Evans
Nancy B. Evans
Dave Franke
Ben Franz-Knight
Colleen Fukui-Sketchley
Rudy Gadre

Anne Gittinger
Dave Goldberg
Greg Gorder
Mary Gresch
Lyn Grinstein
Kim Hemingway
Louise Hine
Randy Hodgins
John Hoedemaker
Dana Hurley
Allen Israel
Richard Larkins
Eric Larsen
Libby Gates McPhee
Jon Magnusson
Andy Manzano
Nate Miles
Jim Milgard
Joanne Montgomery
Linda Myhrvold
Molly Nordstrom
Sean O’Leary
Don Peterson
Dan Peterson
Vivian Phillips
Scott Redman
Mark Richards

Rogelio Riojas
Patty Rothwell
Paul Rucker
Laura Selipsky
Kabir Shahani
Pete Shimer
Preston Simmons
Lisa Simonyi
Brooks Simpson
Rajeev Singh
Brad Smith
Rachel Smithers
Charles Stevens
David Stone
William Sunderland
Mark Torrance
Mia Tuan
Clyde Walker
Maggie Walker
Scott Wallace
Dixie Wilson
Gary Wipfler
Korynne Wright
David Zapolsky
Nancy Zevenbergen