UW Foundation Board

Deep Dive Committee

The Deep Dive Committee selects and arranges immersion visits by small groups of directors to a wide variety of units in their normal functioning workweek. These visits are a privilege of the directors’ service to the University through the UW Foundation, and they are intended to expose directors, with minimum impact to the work of the unit, to the daily and inspiring world of the students, instructors and researchers while fully engaged in the work of their University. UWAA Trustees, UWFB Emeritus Directors and other patrons / donors and key stakeholders may be invited to Deep Dives.

For Committee Members

Committee Members

Mike Egan, co-chair
Brooks Simpson, co-chair
Kent Carlson
Chandan Chauhan
Sanjay Chheda
Dana Hurley
Nate Miles
Joanne Montgomery
Linda Myhrvold
Seán O’Leary
Anne Repass
Laurie Schuchart

University Staff
Louise Hine
Brittany Yocum